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Replace the "University Family" sculpture with a Skater Guy sculpture in Prexi's Pasture

It is well known that the "University Family" sculpture in the middle of Prexi's Pasture is unloved by the student body. We propose replacing it with a statue honoring one of the University of Wyoming's most enduring icons, Skater Guy. We believe that his tireless service to the community should be honored in a life-sized statue made of molded concrete and painted in his signature colors. As a decades old mainstay of the Laramie campus, even mentioned in campus tours, it is time for Skater Guy to receive official recognition so his memory can live on for future generations. By replacing the current sculpture, a move that has already been endorsed by many groups across campus, and replacing it with a molded concrete Skater Guy sculpture, the University will be able to kill two birds with one stone.

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This issue has reached the one hundred (100) day time limit set for an issue to be on WyoVocal without meeting the necessary threshold, one-hundred and fifty (150) votes, for the ASUW Student Government to perform more research and development on the issue. This issue will now be closed but if you would like more information or a one-on-one meeting for further details, please do not hesitate to contact me at asuwexc3@uwyo.edu.


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