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Allow Fans to Re-enter Games

The university recently decided that in order to allow alcohol at games, they would not allow re-entry to the events. This affect a large set of non-traditional students who bring their children to the events. Games often get too cold or too loud for children. Unforeseen circumstances come up with children requiring they leave briefly to attend to the matter. It may be they run out of diapers. Parents may be forced, due to unforeseen circumstances, to take the children home part way through to their spouse, significant other, or babysitter. Not only does the new rule cause problems with Non-Traditional Students. This affects any fan who brings their children to games for a family outing.

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This issue has reached the one hundred (100) day time limit set for an issue to be on WyoVocal without meeting the necessary threshold, one-hundred and fifty (150) votes, for the ASUW Student Government to perform more research and development on the issue. This issue will now be closed but if you would like more information or a one-on-one meeting for further details, please do not hesitate to contact me at asuwexc3@uwyo.edu.


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